Business Law Advice

General Business Law Representations

The Bloom Group provides business law services to businesses at every stage of their development. That includes business law services required in connection with the formation and organization of a business, continuing into its mid-stage with commercial leases, lending transactions, employment law, and finally through the later stages of that business, such as mergers, acquisitions and other transactions and other dispositions of interests in the business. The services we provide fall into two general categories, general business law advice and business transaction services.

General Business Law Advice:

  • Business Formation and Licensing:
    We assist clients form their entities, and obtain state and local licenses as well as other required certifications and statuses required for bidding preferences, such as SDVO status
  • Shareholder Agreements:
    We negotiate and prepare shareholder agreements, which typically address economic and management rights, succession and related issues
  • Operating Agreements:
    We also prepare and negotiate operating agreements, which typically address the same issues as shareholder agreements, as well as tax and governance issues
  • Employment Law Advice and Services:
    We provide advice regarding employment law issues such as wage-hour matters; federal, state and local leave laws; and compliance with federal, state and local anti-discrimination laws
  • Loans:
    We negotiate and document loan agreements, promissory notes, security agreements, guaranties and other instruments required in connection with any lending arrangement
  • Employment Agreements:
    We negotiate and prepare employment agreements which address customary issues such as base compensation, bonuses, equity compensation, and restrictive covenants
  • Commercial Leases:
    We provide advice regarding commercial leases and negotiate and document the same
  • Other Commercial Agreements:
    We provide advice regarding as well as negotiate and document other common commercial agreements, such as services agreements, confidentiality agreements, software licenses, software development agreements, and vendor agreements

General Business Law Representations

  • Represent DoD prime contractor in employment law and contract matters
  • Represent local restaurant chain in commercial lease matters
  • Represent company that provides technological solutions to improve import operations in prime contract, subcontract and teaming agreement negotiations
  • Provide tax advice and related services to clients in connection with adoption of stock option plans and other equity compensation arrangements
  • Represent emergency alert notification provider in negotiation and execution of executive employment agreements, and other contracting matters
  • Represent professional service firm in connection with ongoing federal and state employment law anti-discrimination matters
  • Represent financial services entity in ongoing business law matters, such as governance and compliance