Business Transactions

Business Transaction Services

The Bloom Group provides advice regarding:

  • Stock Purchases and Asset Purchases:
    We advise clients regarding the structuring of these transactions from both corporate law and tax law perspectives, assist with due diligence as requested, and then also prepare and negotiate the transaction agreements
  • Mergers:
    We advise clients on the same group of issues and provide the same services as for stock purchase and asset purchases, but also prepare and provide all regulatory filings required in connection with mergers
  • Investment Transactions:
    We advise clients regarding angel investor transactions, venture capital transactions and other investment transactions.

Recent Business Transaction Representations:

  • Represented government contractor in $6.1M stock acquisition of competitor
  • Represented siblings in family real estate development company in $3.4M sale of equity to non-family member executive
  • Represented software development firm in $4.2M sale of stock to logistics company
  • Represented family member in $3.4M sale of equity to another family member in third-generation family business
  • Represented purchaser in $2.5M acquisition of landscape services company
  • Represented purchaser in $1.5M leveraged buyout of business partner
  • Represented app developer seller in $1.3 sale of securities to angel investor