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Seeing the Blind Spot is for family business owners and the professionals that support and advise those family businesses. 

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Peter Bloom’s Story

My father started a restaurant and bar supply company as I approached my teenage years and named it after my mother. The "M" in M. Bloom Glass Company stands for Mary, my mother's name. He was retiring from 30 years as a police officer, and I sensed that he believed the pension benefits were not enough. In any event, this was a family business in every sense; my grandparents' garage was where we stored inventory, and both my brothers and I were regularly called into service, but principally I was my father's main assistant: I remember it was my job to keep the inventory organized and I also remember long summer nights spent working on ledgers and financial statements for my father.

My father was an extraordinary man, highly intelligent, but you have to remember this was a different age. I would regularly accompany him into bars and saloons, sometimes at night, when I was only a teenager. He did not shield me from any of that, or from the difficult parts of the business - unruly customers, difficult clients who often were reluctant to pay their bills, and really difficult work, such as installing large refrigeration units.

In the end, the business was successful and helped pay for a large portion of my expensive higher education and provided a nest egg for my father's retirement. Along the way, I got an early education in the family issues that arise where a family is operating a business, as differentiated from non-family members operating a business.

Seeing the Blind Spot Reviews

“I devoured the book on my travel home. Your combined style of writing conveyed the concepts with such clarity. I especially liked the summations after the case narratives and the restraint they reflected. You described where the families were in their evolutionary journey at the end of the engagement, with no assurance that they would live “happily ever after!”

David Bork, consultant to family enterprise since 1968, author of "Little Red Book of Family Business" and "Family Business, Risky Business."

“Wonderfully written with easy-to-follow, insightful ideas by two extremely qualified authors.”

Antonio Ortiz. 

“Seeing the Blind Spot is a very welcome addition to the field of Bowen Family Systems Theory (BFST) and how it intersects with the world of family business and family wealth.

BFST has long been said to be useful for practitioners who work with families who are interdependent, thanks to the fact that they own and manage assets together, whether they be operating businesses, real estate, or financial wealth.The problem is that there are too few books that explain just how BFST informs those who work with these families as their professional advisors.

Co-written by an attorney who regularly works with such clients and a psychologist with a specialty in family systems, this book explores 4 real-life family situations in depth, focusing on the family relationships that lay at the heart of their complexity.

The cases themselves are enough to make the book compelling, but the added insights into Family Systems Theory are also fabulous.”

Steve Legler

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