Common Disputes Among Partnerships and Shareholders

Conflicts and disagreements are a natural part of any business. Disagreements are particularly common where multiple individuals are involved in business operations and decision-making.

Disputes can easily arise where there is a breach of trust, personality clashes, or a lack of clearly defined roles and responsibilities. External factors such as industry changes, economic turmoil, and personal circumstances can also strain a partnership, potentially leading to disputes.

Common Partnership and Shareholder Disputes

  • Breach of Contract: Breach of contract typically occurs when a partnership or a shareholder fails to meet their obligations, as defined in a legally binding agreement. It involves the violation of one or more terms of the contract. This can include failing to make agreed-upon payments, delivering goods or services as promised, or performing as the contract requires.
  • Management Disputes: Disagreements may arise over the allocation of duties and responsibilities, decision-making authority, and the overall management structure within the partnership.
  • Profit Sharing Disputes: Partners and shareholders may have different opinions on how profits should be distributed among partners.
  • Buy-Sell Agreements: Buy and sell conflicts occur when partners and shareholders disagree on the terms and conditions of buying or selling their ownership interests in a company. These disagreements typically occur when assets that belong to the company are being purchased or sold.
  • Exit Strategies and Buyout Disagreements: Conflicts can occur when partners or shareholders wish to exit the partnership and sell their shares. Issues may arise over the valuation of the company or the terms of buyout agreements.
  • Disputes related to loyalty: Disagreements may arise when partners or shareholders engage in activities that compete with the business or violate confidentiality agreements, affecting the company's performance.
  • Executive Compensation Conflicts: These disputes involve the compensation and benefits received by top executive members of a company. Executive compensation conflicts often happen due to perceived discrepancies between top executive pay and company performance and fairness.

They can occur over excessive pay, performance metrics, external pressure, disclosure issues, and pay inequality.

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